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Hmmm...this article about Exeter SU suspending their Christian Union for being exclusive is interesting. The CU has counteracted by taking them to court. RHUL kicked their CU out years ago for doing the same thing and it didn't cause this much fuss. *boggles*

Hopefully the courts rule for the SU, as the whole point of SU societies is to be for all members of the SU and it seems to be common for CUs to enforce a "Christian only" policy.



I heard about that on the news.
But I don't understand what the fuss is about - if the Christian Union want to restrict membership then they don't become an SU society. If they do stay within the SU, then they should let anyone join. Simple! That's what the RHUL one did!

I don't think the RHUL quit the SU...I think they were pushed. But regardless, I suspect there is more going on than the CU is admitting. Although it could be something obvious like they want the cash in their accounts that the Exeter SU have frozen?

I am not sure as all of that happened before I went to RHUL - in my first year they were already not part of the SU for whatever reason :)
I expect the exeter stuff is down to accounts. A lot of doom between any SU and a student society is always because of the accounts :)

I can well believe it's true. It's almost hinted at in some of the other articles too.