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Oooh! cryx is on the telly!



I think I even spotted you in a new bit too. The scene where the zombies are chasing after Shaun. There's a woman with your coloured hair in a pony tail, wearing a denim jacket walking/shambling away from the camera.

Of course that's a continuity error - somehow you've teleported from one side of the pub scene to the other. Unless you randomly decided to shamble that way whilst they were arguing about the mobile? :)

heheheh cool! (and yes, there are a few continuity errors)
Not that I'm bitter or anything.

Says you Mr. national v:tes champion. Anyway. Probably plenty more chances to star in a film - they're bound to do a sequel.

? I ain't no national vtes champion! Just one tournament that one time... not sure how that connects to Shaun of the Dead, though...

It doesn't relate, but it shows that you have stuff you can be proud of too!

Yeah, but I wasn't immortalised as a zombie in Shaun of the Dead dammit! :D