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Hello 2007

So far so good, although it's only been a day or so, so I can't really judge it yet. Especially as I spent most of it vegging out in front of the telly :)

After drinking vast quantities of random cocktails, I managed to avoid having a hangover. Only casuality is a missing glove...but I think that just fell out at the party rather than on the way home. And for reference to those that were still at the party when I left, the shortcut isn't (a shortcut).



It certainly is for me.

Definitely. Just that no-one was sure if it was for me or not and I said I'd look it up on Google when I got back/woke up/sobered up.

It looks even to me.

*shrug* I'm not convinced...it's only a short distance (west) to get back on the main road and then it's a straight line north where upon it meets up with the alternative route.

With the alternative route, I end up going off to the northeast/east first before heading back in the right direction.