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Went to the North East regional vampire game on Friday with Lizz. Took bloody ages cos of much traffic on the M1, but thankfully we eventually arrived at about 8:30. Since I had to book into the hotel and I wasn't sure what time they stopped doing food, I hurried over there and made it just in time. I had intended on doing the Sabbat game, but people were saying it was just about to start and I figured there wasn't any point worrying about it as I didn't even have a character. It turns out the game actually started an hour or so later which I could have probably made.

Called up the other Runnymede bunch to find that most of them were in a pub which according to Matt was "at the end of the road". I headed out into the snowy blizzard that was inflicting itself and attempted to find the pub. I gave up walking in one direction and was just about to walk the other way when I encountered sea_cucumber and company driving about lost. They turned around and we drove along trying to find this pub. Eventually we ended up on the FAR side of Haworth - no where near the Hotel or the Youth Hostel. Apparently Matt hadn't realised quite how far away they were. Bah.

Had time for just one drink before we headed back to the hostel and spent the rest of the evening chatting to people. The Sabbat game had just about finished so there were lots of people about. At about 2am I gave up cos I was tired and staggered back to the Hotel - luckily managing to work out how to get back in again and eventually fell asleep dispite the howling wind outside.

Woke up quite late, but with enough time to get down for breakfast with Adam and Richard. There were a few other players who I hadn't met yet and we chatted over a rather small fry-up about various game-type things. We then walked over to take part in the mage game. When we arrived it turned out there were two mage games - one aimed at beginners and a normal one. We opted for the beginners one which was Techno-mage and very much like Star Trek or something. After crash landing on an alien planet and awaking inside a sealed magically room deep underground we spent most of the game killing each other as half of the players had been possesed by evil spirits. I amazingly survived as it also turns out one of the other characters had a brief to kill me specifically.

After lunch at the hotel, I was summoned to the Study. Turns out there was a malk clan meeting which it seems I missed most of. I just sat there looking like a stunned bunny. Then it was the 'ling game. I ended up with a sheep pooka as I bleated loudly when one of the STs was auctioning the character. I spent the entire game speaking with a sort of La-r-r-y the laaaamb voice and following people about. I think I might try 'ling again with this character cos it seemed to be fun even if we did spend a lot of time outside in the cold and wet.

Didn't have time for dinner except for some chocolate and crisps before we had yet another clan meeting. Jenny had attempted to cook some treacle tart which turned out OK in the end. Ended up with just the neonates at the meeting, so we plotted lots against the elders who were stuck in an Elders meeting. Then the game started for real, I chatted to lots of people I hadn't met before and went to watch an auction.

Before long I was back in yet another clan meeting. The elders were a bit narked that we'd had the earlier meeting without them and had decided on neither of them being clan head. We spent ages trying to decide on a comprimise and it looks like we've ended up shooting ourselves in the foot - at least until the next Runnymede game. The Torries however got really shoo'd - their dopey clan head ended up passed out on some stairs and the harpies awarded him (and the clan) the negative status of "lightweights". I suspect much fun will be had with that by all non-Torries.

Unfortunately our clan meeting took us up to the end of the game. It was really hard to tell who was still IC and soft roleplaying so we gave up and sat on the stairs and bleated at people walking past. This time I stayed up even later and didn't get back to the hotel until at least 4am. After a brief nap I had to race down to breakfast as check-out was really really really early and I wanted to do the Garou game that was scheduled that morning. Except it was canceled - it looked like I was the only person who had turned up. We ended up sitting around again, chatting. At just gone 1 it was time to kick us all out so Lizz drove us home.

All in all a very fun weekend. I hope our regional is just as fun.