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Pan's Labyrinth

So...I just saw it. I have to say, it took me utterly by surprise. The trailers weren't entirely informative as to it's exact nature. I had expected a darker version of something like Labyrinth (sans Bowie and dancing muppets). Certainly not a film set in wartorn Spain during the 2nd world war. And definitely not in Spanish. The latter point clearly explaining why Vue only had 3 showings I guess - they don't like foreign language movies much.

I liked it a lot. Films that start at the end have to be pretty darn good to pull it off and thankfully this was such a film. Whilst I'd taken into my head that the central character was going to die, the film distracts you perfectly from that until the last few scenes when it's fairly obvious what the outcome is.

The film was very visceral. A tad more than I'd like. I really didn't want to watch the Captain sewing his torn mouth up. Ewww! Although a round of applause for the special effects - it looked very real. And I definitely didn't want to see the poacher getting his face smashed/cut up by the bottle. But then I said the same about Snakes On A Plane (which I really must get ASAP) and I liked that too. Maybe I'm getting used to gore?

Looking forward to it coming out on DVD - the special edition should have lots of shiny extras.

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