maddy (themadone) wrote,

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Oh dear...

Last night the worst thing possible happened. The laptop started freezing for no apparent reason. It's admittedly not as bad as the last time when it's predecessor had a harddrive controller failure, as I'd taken a backup shortly afterwards. But I've not taken a backup in the 4 months since.

Sodding typical though, I bring it in to work (I needed to at some point to "reset" my Windows password to the network one) and it starts working again. Which has given me enough time to make another backup. I think that it might have been the CPU overheating. Cos I noticed that the fan exhaust had a clump of fluff in it which I tried blowing out and it was after that, that it mysteriously started working again.

Phew. Major panic over. Must remember to backup more often ;)

And on the plus side I can now play Zoo Tycoon again :D

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