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Blimey. I thought it was going to be tricky finding much out about previous IFIS committees, but I've managed to find out more about the ones over a decade ago than the recent ones I was around for. It's not yet complete, but I think it's 75% of the way there.

Soon it'll be the annual IFIS xmas dinner. Could do with some more pics for the website I think, so I'll take my camera :)


Re: Ancient history

Can you remember which Ian was treasurer? All of the earlier RWAVs tended to assume that you'd know the surname of people cos you were a current member.

I might have the election results too, but I suspect they suffer from the same problem. I should probably go through and organise the vast reams of paper that noseynick gave me to look after. That'd make it easier to find out stuff. There's even filled in sign up sheets in there too.