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Hmmm...I think the Gourmet Star is under new management. Cos they suck now. They've changed the menu and recipes and it's all rubbish :(



oh, yes they have, about a month ago, and I agree 110%. The empire down the road it ok, that or you get a delivery from the Chertsy one, but you have to spend min £15 - is pretty nice though.

Hmmm, should have mentioned this on egham

It sucks muchly. Their Kung Po chilli chicken was awesome. Popcorn chicken in a a yummy hot chilli sauce. Now they do some lame weak sweet chilli chicken instead. I can't see me ordering from there again. I guess nuuki finished filling the old owners' kids college funds so they could retire ;)

Quite possibly! It was very very good :( I am MUCHLY disappointed at the change.

At some point I may put a series of notes on egham about restaurants and maybe other shops(?) - it is not much used!
I'm still not a member of *egham :(
have you asked? I am the mod now so..... ask again.
I've tried, it just says contact you.
ok, you now need to accept the invitation. I have also changed the community from fully closed to moderated
Thanks :)
The Peking Chef does telephone orders (but you collect)
Soya (Pooley Green), China Chef (Chertsey) and Jade Palace (Staines) all have £15 min on free delivery
Empire House however has £12 min on free delivery according to the menu I have.

The one up on the green delivers too. And like Gourmet Star, if you don't order enough, they'll just charge you a bit extra for delivery.