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Awww...ain't he the cutest :)



Pff, needs more tinsel. I can still see greenery there. :D

Well I would, but where the hell do you get tinsel that small?

Just use the normal-sized stuff. :D
I've got some. But it will be in competition to Kathryn's and nick's trees ;-)

We should get them set up soon and you can have some then. Alternative look in places like the new tescos in staines and they'd have strings of beads and the like.

We'll probably sort our trees this weekend so will let you know.

Well I was planning on going in to Staines tomorrow anyway. Guess I've got another excuse now :)

I was just thinking, my that's a lot more tasteful than those things usually are!

Don't do it! Rebel against the festival of over-consumption! Stick with your little twinkly bits!

I don't like the stars it's got at the moment - it's constraining the poor thing into being all tall and upright. I won't add much more - maybe a bit of colour and something to go on top.

I have the smallest one of these:

Plastic = no dead tree + no needles in keyboard

This hasn't got any needles either. I think it's some kind of fern.

Get some of the sparkly pipe cleaner things, they look like mini tinsel :D