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There is some kind of ironic cruelty in forcing an insomniac to stay up when he's trying to get to sleep. Sunday/Monday's work call has now meant my sleeping is really out of whack, so this morning I feel like utter crap. Budgens sell a different kind of redbull-like drink that comes in 0.5l cans. It looks like I'm drinking beer or something. Tastes even more foul than redbull too. Don't think it's as strong as redbull though. I probably should have just got two cans of that instead.

GameSoc was fun. We played that pirate game we played in Devon. And there was the most frustrating game of Bang ever. All bar 2 of the players got knocked out really quickly and then it just dragged on and on.

This morning, as well as the sleep issue, was clearly meant to test me. I woke up to find the internet had died. The router was utterly dead and at first power cycling it did nothing. Had to pull the power out and plug it back at the mains to get it working in the end. During which time my glasses fell off. Trying to find to find them without my glasses on was impossible. Had to get darklittlefox and lucfia to help me find them. Thankfully we did.

Must go and get glasses fixed/replaced.


It took me several minutes to work out what on earth you're on about. Thought you were commenting on my style of posting or something ;)

Yes, I believe that is what it was. I think I prefer the taste of redbull though. Both taste pretty awful, but I think Relentless has something extra in it's taste that makes it taste worse.