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I think I need some kind of alarm to remind me to take my pre-lunch medication (1 hour before food). Cos otherwise I end up having a really late lunch.

I've decided, cos it might be useful to folk, to work on making my trainable RSS feed aggregator multiuser. Except I don't want random plebs on the internet coming along and using it, so I'm going to have to think of how I can restrict access to cool folk like you guys, without you having to pester me for access.



Have you thought about using OpenID. It lets people authenticate with third party sites using their LJ identity. It also lets people authenticate using other sites, but I think only LJ support it.

You could check your FOAF file (or something) to see if they claim to be someone who is cool. Then, if you agree that person is cool, you can use OpenID to confirm that they really are that person.

Yes! You genius! That's exactly what I'll do. I've already got code written that implements it too, so it won't be too much hassle.

*goes off to code*