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There I was just about to leave the house when I saw too shadowy figures through the glass in the front door, walking up the path. Sure enough they rang the bell. "Oh, you're about to go out...[insert far too much god bothering]". They weren't listening to a thing I was saying - I was lucky to ever get away.

Last night wasn't the greatest. Stupid sound system kept shutting off whilst we were watching Dogma. Divine Intervention? We ended up giving up before Alan Rickman showed up and heading straight to the bar. Surprisingly, I think we got pretty much everyone. And I managed to sign up most of them for the xmas meal too.

Then I demonstrated that I am a natural blonde by failing utterly to get to where the library was kept. I pushed the door but there was something behind it blocking it. I got one of the barstaff to help and she just opened the door the other way. Doh! Books all look OK despite their neglect from the membership not wanting to read them. Plus I got to locate our copy of Wind in the Willows to see if it really was nearly 100 years old. It's not - it was printed 1980/81. Stupid Amazon providing the wrong date.

I hate the new speed humps around Founders. Or rather the local taxi companies do. So they're insisting on meeting folk around by the clock tower so they don't have to go over them. *grumps* Means I have to go and walk to meet up with them.

No sign of improvement in the knee situation yet :(

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