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The Beehive is open!

It's looking pretty good. The kitchen isn't ready yet but they're willing to do us a load of sandwiches.

Someone seems to like No Doubt - it's all the jukebox has played since I arrived.


and has WiFi internet access?

Er...no. I've got a blackberry :)

Did you get it discounted, given your employer?

I get it completely free. It's how my employer expects me to support them. Although if things fall over, that does kinda not work. But hey.

Basically, the first thing you think when you walk in is..."They've turned the lights on?". It is so very much brighter in there now. They've put some comfy sofas/armchairs in underneath the french windows and by the loos. They've repainted it. All in all, it looks fresh and new.

Drinks...well they've changed the prices I think. Or maybe they just don't know what the prices are yet. Magners is now £3.50 a bottle. Apparently it's about the same price for a rum'n'coke, but I suspect that was cos they served him one of those crappy uberly expensive little bottles of coke rather than from the pump.

Food is still an unknown. We decided against the sandwiches in the end. Apparently the new landlady took one look at the state of the kitchen and "condemned" it. New chef arrives(?) today. Kitchen should be up and running by Monday.

Landlady and her husband were very keen and bending over backwards to make us feel welcome. There were lots of complimentary snacks being laid out for folk to nibble on. I'd say things are looking exceedingly promising - unless they put on a menu that is uberly expensive.

Blast. And there I was hoping for an end to the days of having to trog up Middle Hill. XP

Nice that it's turned out good, though, rather than like the Monkey's Forehead.

But think how good it is for you to trudge up the hill. Lots of lovely exercise :)

It may still turn out crap - we don't know what the new menu is going to be like yet. It could be uberly expensive or full of crap.