maddy (themadone) wrote,

No news is good news?

I've been pretty slack at posting since the last time. I decided to head into London after my gutbusting meal out and get some roleplaying in. The game was fun. There was a brief excursion and investigatory skills employed. And lots and lots of gossiping.

Sunday was spent rather uneventfully catching up on my wishlist site's earnings for last month. I really should put some more effort in given it's almost xmas. I had a rare visitation from darklittlefox. He does, contrary to popular belief, still exist. He is planning on moving out though, which I'd kinda expected to happen. It's going to be weird living alone again. But on the plus side I can wander about the place naked again.

Went to GameSoc last night. Almost won a game of Settlers. Not sure what I'm doing tonight. Not at all interested in what IFIS have on. I do want to go and see The Prestige though. Think I might and try and do that tomorrow - I don't fancy a 9:20 showing tonight.

Tags: update
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