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Last night was different. Obviously different because it was a different pub, but also different because we some how managed to attract a couple of randoms too. Nice folk. Pretty one off random of them being in the pub, so I doubt we'll see much of them in the future if at all.

Otherwise, the pub was...very muted. It's a lot larger than what we're used to, but it had roughly the same number of people in it. So we rattled about quite a bit. We nabbed the sofas which aren't really practical for eating or drinking in, but they're very comfy. Food was nearly a disaster as apparently they were planning on starting evening food next week, but we some how managed to convince them to start early.

I went for the steak. It showed up a tad under cooked. I wanted it medium but I'd have called it rare. Maybe even a tad blue even. The landlord gave me a free drink to apoligise though. I suspect the cook doesn't know how to cook steaks properly based on this guide on wikipedia. Still, for a rare steak it wasn't too bad, I just wasn't in the mood for a plate swimming in blood.

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