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Since nothing interesting has happened for ages and ages, I'll see if I can remember an odd dream I had.

I'm living in a flat. It's split level. It's also horrid. Not horrid like my old flat, just horrid. It's in the process of being redecorated. All the walls are covered in brown paper. It's very quiet, so I walk upstairs to the front door and peer out through the spyhole. It's quiet outside too and also in the process of redecoration.

I go outside - still very quiet. Then out of nowhere, one of my neighbours appears. He invites me to a party he's having at his place, but I don't feel like going to a party and I head back into my flat. It's then that I can hear the party. It's very faint though. I decide to go to bed and I'm soon fast asleep. I get woken up by another of my neighbours. This one shares the flat with the first one and is very camp. I have no idea how he got into my place, but he's standing there next to my bed trying to invite me to the party. I tell him to sod off and when he leaves I go to check the front door. Sure enough it's wide open and doesn't appear to close properly.

At this point I wake up. Very confusing dream. I even recognise the 2nd neighbour, but can't remember who he is. Probably someone famous.