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Last night went better than I expected.

Went up to the pub for the last night farewell bash. It was packed full of people I've never seen before, but thankfully there were a couple of folk I did know so it wasn't a total nightmare. Met H's bloke. Seemed nice. We all ended up playing on the games machine. Only real low point of the night was when they locked us in and in our attempts to get out, anonymous_james nearly got in a fight.

In other news, I'm no longer a storyteller. No more having to deal with players. Yay!

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They didn't force - we just happened to want to leave just as they locked the front door. And the person with the keys kept insisting the side door was the only way out even though it was also locked. I don't know if she was drunk or mad or what, but luckily someone else realised what our problem was and got the keys and got the door unlocked for us.

legrimsqueaker is the poor unfortunate sap in charge of the mage game.