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If it wasn't for the fact that a lot of people read this at work, I'd have uncensored that subject and made it 100ft tall. I've just heard the appalling news that Sky have won the rights to show "Lost" season 3 and 4 from Channel 4. Which means I won't get to see them until they come out on DVD. Or I could delve into the murky world of illegal downloads. It all just sucks so much.



could you arrange a video exchange? Get a mate with sky to tape them and then post them to you each week? It'd only be about £1.50/£2.00 to post a videotape, I'd think, they're not that heavy...

And the reason Sky won? Because Channel 4 looked at the _massive_ dropoff of viewer figures for season 2, (from about 4.8 million to about 2.3million) and decided not to pay more than £800,000 AN EPISODE for it *wry smile* Can't say I really blame them, since they're spinning it out for another 2 seasons, I really hope something actually starts to _happen_ in it :)

I know why Sky won. It still sucks though.

I do have friends with Sky who are local, so maybe something could be arranged. Given I'll be buying the DVDs, I don't see any sense spending yet more money on watching it on top of the TV license as well.

*shrugs* fair enough. I'm not in a place to be bitter about it really, since I live at home and my step-dad pays for the full telewest package, so I can watch it on Sky. Also, I didn't bother watching series 2 when that was on channel 4, because I'd not caught up with series 1, and wasn't bothered enough to do so while it was still showing on channel 4.

Since I'm now only up to the start of series 2, and while I enjoy it, it also frustrates the hell out of me, being able to watch it or not I might just wait and get the DVD. I'll miss out on conversation at work/lj about what's going on, but I'll be able to watch it in one go and not be quite so wound up by the annoying cliffhangers.

The problem I'm having, is that people are already discussing season 3 that they've downloaded off the 'net.

If I have time (I've got a mountain of other stuff recorded off TV to watch) I might just rewatch from season 1 again. I missed a couple of episodes out and I suspect there are some important gaps in my knowledge of what is going on.

I know Steve's downloaded a couple, but my avid watching-mates in work don't indulge in illegal downloads, so they're waiting for the TV :)

I honestly (though admittedly, it could be different when I've seen series 2) don't think missing the odd episode would damage your understanding of it that much. It really is just that murky and confusing :)

Probably, but it can't hurt to make sure can it? :)

well, unless your brain goes all squiffy from watching too much Lost in one sitting *grins*
but surely, they should have been found by now. I think we'll probably end up giving up watching it after this season

That presumes that they are a) in a place/position to be found or b) that the people that would find them would have reason to rescue them.

Lost is definitely not a straight forward "bunch of people shipwrecked on a desert island" story. There's something vastly more complicated going on that is only just beginning to be revealed by the end of season 2.