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Pining for the Fjords?

Nope. Apparently I'm pining for cryx. Our love is so strong that even being apart for the past 2 days has caused me to lose 6 pounds. Yes. That is correct. I have lost 6 pounds.

This brings the grand total to a nice even stone. To confuse me even further, I also managed to win slimmer of the week which I thought I couldn't do if I had lost the week before. Well now that I've discovered sin-free spag bol and ravioli which I can eat at work I think I shall find it a lot easier to lose weight. Except for tonight where I'm just about to go and pig out on pancakes. *grins*


Huzzah! Truly a monumental achievement, sir! Congratulations!

I hope you didn't perform any surreptitious amputations of feet or such though, as that's often considered cheating. ;) And also a bit inconvenient, I'd have thought.

I find it disturbing that I think like Majic13, I was going to ask if you had checked that you still had all your limbs!
But really, well done! I wonder if Lenni has lost similar amounts pining for you?

Nope - I have all my limbs. Everything limb wise is as big as it was before. Just my tummy has shrunk.

Lenni isn't planning on losing any weight this week. She is compensating by eating loads instead. But don't worry - I'll help her shake it off. :)

It is amusing that they're convinced we're a couple. All we did was turn up together - we don't hug, kiss, hold hands or show any other signs of affection. I wonder what it is they see.