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I managed to escape relatively unscathed last night. Only real trauma is the news that the lovely barmaid we've managed to build up quite a good rappo with is going to quit in a few weeks time when the new folk take over. Um...yeah. New folk are apparently taking over. I'd kinda realised that the last "new folk" had mysteriously gone without a word said. That was obvious by the lack of annoying brat. But they'd covered that up by getting the bar bloke to take over.

I'm hoping the new folk are going to be somewhat decent, but by the sounds of it they're not. Or at least TLB thinks they're not going to be that great to work for, hence why she's quitting when they start. But on the plus side she's said she'll pop up and visit on Thursdays. Sit on our side of the bar for a change. Not that it's not stopped her before.

Hopefully today at work will go quickly. I have much plotting for Mage to do for next week. Muaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha.



She's leaving? Laaaame. She's really nice. ;_;

Exactly! But as noted, she did say she'd come visit. Since you're her favorite, maybe she'll still get your drinks for you too :D

Whatwhatwhat? Favourite ? XD

Hell yeah! You are so her favourite out of all of us.

I thought that was Jon with his dapper suit. :D

Nah, that's just pure unadulterated lust. She gets it for a certain type of bloke.

A few weeks back a "certain type of guy" randomly walked into the place - it looked like she was going to jump the bar and start shagging him there and then. I think the poor guy felt like prey, cos he quickly fled.

Bloody pubs and their changing managements. It seems that we (as in the Cambridge gamers) have to find a new one about every two years or so because of changes in management. :o(
Our original pub went from a really nice and cosy traditional pub to a bistro/wine bar (which made us leave to find the Corner House), then the wine bar got changed back to a pub (and we came back because it was more conveniently located than the CH) and then it changed back again to a Tapas bar with horribly expensive drinks etc so we moved to The Avery which was OK but not brilliant and now we're at the Bun Shop who are even giving us their function room for free as long as people buy drinks because otherwise they'd be empty on a Tuesday evening.

We've only moved twice now in over 15 years. First time was urg...I dunno...5 years ago(?) when like you our cosy pub got turned into something trendy. And our next choice lasted a year or two before new management showed up and objected to us using their facilities so we voted with our feet and ended up in our current home.

It's unlikely we'll be moving any time soon. Our current home recognise that we're a valuable asset in their profits, so when it changed hands, the outgoing landlord has usually warned/told the new one all about us. We're the reason why they only sell food during the week on Thursdays for example. But I guess the new management might be idiots.

*nods* Your second paragraph has usually applied to our venues, too. We bring in 20-30 or more (the CCG/Clix players are quite a big bunch) paying customers to a pub that would otherwise be empty so they're usually happy with us.
During most of the changes, the actual managers at the time did have no or at least very little control over what was happening when the owning company decided that a Tapas restaurant/bar would be more profitable than a pub. Bloody chains. There are very few independently owned pubs left and most of those aren't really appropriaet for our purpose.

I think we're safe from it changing into something radically different. The pub is way off the beaten track, so it's got to stick to doing normal stuff.

Our original pub was on the A30 across the road from the Uni, so perfect for turning into something wierd and trendy.

Stalking you...

As always...

So is she the main reason why you've not been down recently? I can't see why you don't like her. She's a lot more fun and interesting than the previous bar staff. They've all been far too dull and "normal".

No idea. One week they were there. Next week there was no sign of them. And no mention that they were gone either. It was like they never were there too. Except maybe for the nerf rocket on the roof ;)