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I managed to escape relatively unscathed last night. Only real trauma is the news that the lovely barmaid we've managed to build up quite a good rappo with is going to quit in a few weeks time when the new folk take over. Um...yeah. New folk are apparently taking over. I'd kinda realised that the last "new folk" had mysteriously gone without a word said. That was obvious by the lack of annoying brat. But they'd covered that up by getting the bar bloke to take over.

I'm hoping the new folk are going to be somewhat decent, but by the sounds of it they're not. Or at least TLB thinks they're not going to be that great to work for, hence why she's quitting when they start. But on the plus side she's said she'll pop up and visit on Thursdays. Sit on our side of the bar for a change. Not that it's not stopped her before.

Hopefully today at work will go quickly. I have much plotting for Mage to do for next week. Muaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha.

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