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All systems are back at 100%. I had a moderately good nights sleep which was only spoilt by some sod deciding it was a good idea to pop by at 4am. Can't have been too important as I rolled over and heard nothing more.

I watched the film Confidence last night. Whilst it's nowhere near as good as The Usual Suspects it is still very a twisty turny film that'd make even a corkscrew look straight.

Pub tonight will be...interesting.


was a cab at the wrong address - fox shooed him away

Bah to cab! *grumps*

Come back from the pub! CaMUK site is broken! RUnning on treacle and won't let me login--it's like the old infinite loop crash cyce *sob*

Bah. How do you expect me to read this whilst I'm at the pub. Anyhow. I've given it a kick and it's a lot better behaved now.