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I just saw an advert on the telly that demonstrates how stupid people are. It's an advert for double strength pain killers. They have to explicitly point out several times that it's twice as strong as the normal ones and you only need one rather than two. Surely even the dumbest person can work that out?

I've had a pretty much lazy weekend. Went to Southwark Requiem and had probably the best game so far. It kept me active through out. It's only annoying that I arrived late cos they were playing silly buggers with the trains.

Today I indulged my new found Krispy Kreme donut addiction and watched the new Robin Hood program. I don't think it's overly bad. It's appears to be aimed at the same market as the new Doctor Who was. I guess I'll wait and see how it pans out.



You would be amazed *shakes head* Trust me, the number of arguments I've had about ibuprofen/nurofen! Apparently Nurofen is better *mehs*

Well I'd imagine different chemicals affect people differently so I can understand people arguing over stuff like that.

But they're the same drug! Nurofen is just a stage name!
There is however the slight possibility that it's placebo effect for them?
Well depends on the sistuation if I go down with a bad headache which happens once a year, two would be good, but common sense would say one. Depends on the sistuation I would guess.

Love you not :P Derek