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There was a good turn out last night, despite the scary dancing in the foyer of the building we were in. Not bad turn out for drinks afterwards either so much so that we were spread across such a large area that I couldn't hear folk over the otherside of the group over the music. Or maybe I was just a bit more deaf than usual, cos I couldn't really hear the guy next to me either.

From what I did manage to hear him say, he seems to be a pretty hardcore sci-fi fan. Very eager and enthusiastic. I got the impression from talking with some of the others, that he's not the only one either. Plenty of them are checking out and using the website too. Just need to direct them to the library now I guess.


Not sure which aspect of my post you're saying is a good thing. But if it's people using the website, then I definitely agree. It means more people are voting to watch Aeon Flux :D

Was that your suggestion?

You probably know which three were mine.

Yes it was. I really quite enjoyed the film.

*grins* But you've not seen it yourself yet ;)