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So, back at work and I'm already freezing cold. I hate sitting in this part of the office. I guess I've only recently noticed how bad it is because it's getting colder generally.

But all is not bad. Tonight is the first official GameSoc meeting. That'll be fun as long as it doesn't get overrun with M:TG playing. And tomorrow is IFIS' first night too and despite initial problems looks like it's going to go perfectly. *much crossing of appendages*

Plus I also have some donuts. *yums*


I like the cold. It means that Autumn is here.

I'm briefly popping along tonight, but I have to partake in the Orbital Welcome Meeting in ALT2 at 8pm. I'm wary of MtG also, although the cards are very pretty.

This is really cold though. Mostly wind-chill I suspect. I've got at least 3 A/C sources pointing in my direction.

M:tG isn't too bad I guess. It's just not very interesting to watch and getting involved is expensive.

not if you give us warning, Tim has many decks and can provide decks to play with, and they are VERY pretty and shiny ;)

But that just makes the problem worse. Means even less people to interact with the newbies. I think I'll stick with being grumpy whenever M:tG takes over the sessions ;)

you mean except for the Newbies that play Magic ;)

and your just grumpy anyway ;P
That'll be it then! I tend to quite like the chill when it comes, although a/c can sometimes be overwhelming.

That's generally true of trading card games in general.

Monday evenings. Although there was talk of having a MtG dedicated couple of hours on Wednesday afternoon.

I've played MtG in the past. It can be fun. But so far it does have a tendancy to dominate the gaming nights. It might not be so bad if the games weren't just 1-on-1 too.

No Problem is too great to overcome- especially if you are me- so no more stressing about IFIS, okay? !! Besides- that's my job ;)