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Oh my god they killed Ottakers, the b******s

I've not had a chance to pop in yet (I'll do it later) but they've got rid of Ottakers!! And worse, replaced it with a Waterstones.

Somehow I'm not expecting to find any roleplaying material in there.


When did that happen? I was in there a few weeks ago and they had the usual small selection of RPGs. I didn't notice whether it was still Ottaker's or not at the time though.
It must have been recent. I'd have noticed the change when I saw Snakes on a Plane a few weeks back.

I will explore after I've completed my primary objectives and scout out what the roleplaying situation is. Worst case there is still Books Etc.
There's a roleplayer working in Books Etc. [Bad username: majic 13] and I chatted to him a bit one time. He was certainly keen! I think the selection in there reflects that...
Sorry, that should read majic13.

Looks like today BE had their work experience person do the stacking of the roleplaying shelves - it was an utter mess.

More importantly, "Waterstones" hasn't changed at all inside. From what I understand from the guy I bought a nWoD book from, the change had happened last night. Plus he seemed positive that they weren't going to stop stocking roleplaying stuff. Did seem to have a much smaller selection though.

Did Waterstones buy Ottakers then? O_o
See below. HMV owns them both.
Clearest indication is the Waterstones logo on the Ottakars website:
B******s indeed. I liked Ottakars, they were the only chain with any individuality left :-(

I feel I should apologise for this, as HMV bought Ottakers recently and they already own Waterstones...