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Oops. I nearly completely forgot about Dark Ages being on tonight. Luckily nuuki reminded me by asking me to bring up some DVDs with me for him to borrow. Game was uber quiet compared to previous months. I'm sure there used to be loads more people. Still, it looks like I've got something to put in my downtime this month which is good.

Also, I hadn't realised when I bought it but I appear to have been drinking from something called Sinkist. I'm sure it's meant to say Sunkist, but they've tried to do joined up writing and the second upright of the u has merged with the n. It seems oddly appropriate :)


DA got moved around so much i have NO idea when its on any more.... want to play my gangrel :(

Different DA. This is Runnymede DA, which is always 3rd saturday - I just have a lousy memory. They're also looking for new players too...

there a website or anything?

There's an LJ - runnymede_da