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I'm such a bad monkey. I've had so much to post on here and yet I keep forgetting. Like the other day I saw one of the old barmaids working in Tescos - the one that always seemed grumpy. I thought she was meant to be some kind of teacher. *boggles*

Um...I can't remember what else I was gonna post about. This week I've been mostly doing a variety of web related projects. Past two days this has been starting work on reskinning the IFIS site with it's new design. It'll probably mean it takes a hit in google pigeon rank for a few weeks, but at least the site will be all shiny and good for the new members.

(note: The new design isn't "live" yet - it's on a different domain whilst I test it and stuff)

Must remember to take lots of warm clothes with me to the pub tomorrow, just in case. *nodnods*


Wikipedia has an entry for Royal Holloway, mentioning some of the societies and I think IFIS should have one *poke poke*

I know. I've often been tempted to add IFIS on there too. I just haven't worked out how to phrase it without it ending up looking like a bunch of folk have come along and added their favourite societies in some kind of escalated war of advertising.

I suspect utilising the "oldest society" thing might be the key.

groovy! Can't wait to see the new design! btw. if and I do say if (because it may not happen- depends) we get a few sponsors from ye olde real world, would it be possible to add their company names to the website in a (our thanks to...)- you know the kind of thing, section?

Figured I should probably ask you in advance...

Well I'm only the assistant - you're best speaking to noseynick. But I can't see the harm in it. Although they might object to the existing "sponsorship" we have. Admittedly it's not earning us a great deal, but it is earning us some cash slowly but surely.