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I'm looking forward to the weekend. Maybe I can shake this cough. The (newish) barmaid last night was hot. In the temperature sense and kept insisting on having all the doors and windows open so the pub was like an icebox. Hence why I've now got a cough. Pah. It doesn't help that the office is really cold too. I think I'm getting a draft from the comms room which I'm sat near.

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I thought it was because the pub was getting quite smoky and stinky at the time, and she wanted to let it clear out.

You could've always moved away from the door. :P

I could have moved away from the people I was talking with, but that kind of defeats the point :P

Whatever her reasons for wanting all the doors and windows open, the fact remains that the pub was really too cold for it to be enjoyable. It's that kind of thing that deters punters from coming back.

I suspect it was because it was too hot too, because otherwise she'd have put on the heating to compensate.

Get Well Soon! xx