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Holiday is great so far. Very relaxing. Food is awesome. So. Much. Leftovers. The birthday boy went riding earlier, but I haven't heard a report of that yet.

In other news, I actually went on an excursion! A mob of us went to "Barometer World". But it was shut. So we're going on Thursday. It wasn't a total waste. I was stoopid and forgot PJs, so had to buy some. Plus I got some icecream too.

The only shit part has been the weather. I want the Daystar back!


I'll try and box some up and bring it with me.

Failing that, can you find out (From Matt and Sue) and post a list of nonperishable foodstuffs which I should buy, assuming that there might be something that you have nearly run out of by the end of the week?
We'll be fine for food. Just make sure you've got stuff to last you a day or two. There are plenty of places to buy food from that are open during the week.