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Pub was good last night. I also realised why the menu is changing - they've ditched/lost the aging cook. I had wondered where she was last week, but well it being summer it's perfectly feasible for her to be on holiday. But this week I noticed they'd scrubbed her name off the menu where she's named as the creator of the homemade burgers. Which they've also run out of too.

I wonder whether she was pushed or if she jumped. I wonder if the guy they've got doing it is temporary or not. I guess I'll find out when I get back off holiday.



The guy is the husband of the Landlady. I guess it all depends on whether he wants to keep doing it?

Oh, he's doing it? I thought it was the big guy with the goatee that used to serve on the bar Cos he's usually the one that brings out the food.

Err aren't they one and the same?

No. The landlord is more your height/build. Similiar colour hair too, and has no facial hair. I've not seen him around much, not since the brat-of-doom was running amock. If he is around, he's usually on our side of the bar.

we went up to the pub in the hope of getting the kids tea, but they had none of the usual stuff we eat, none of the other bits we could give the kids, so we had to leave. Shame, we were looking forward to seeing people

Damn, that's annoying. I'm surprised it's taking so long to get a new menu sorted. I suspect that they're trying to hire a new cook and that the guy they've got doing it atm, is only temporary.

I guess if you're in the Devon area over the next couple of weeks, we might see you though.