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It seems I'm in the minority of people who are following Tescos recent green initiative. At least according to the checkout person this morning. I put this down to mostly a lack of advertising. It's not very noticable in store and I don't think I've seen anything anywhere else except a news article a few weeks back. Although thinking about it, I think I vaguely remember an advert on telly. Guess it didn't really sink in.

Tonight I have the thrilling fun of panicingpacking for the holiday this weekend. I'm sure I've got everything I need, but I'm bound to forget something.



Well I'm glad me posting this has potentially be useful. I know you guys also have a collection of carrier bags stowed away for re-use, so you're certainly primed to take part in this initiative.

Sucks about the telly. Although there'll be a working one on the holiday for you to waste your time with instead :)