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It seems I'm in the minority of people who are following Tescos recent green initiative. At least according to the checkout person this morning. I put this down to mostly a lack of advertising. It's not very noticable in store and I don't think I've seen anything anywhere else except a news article a few weeks back. Although thinking about it, I think I vaguely remember an advert on telly. Guess it didn't really sink in.

Tonight I have the thrilling fun of panicingpacking for the holiday this weekend. I'm sure I've got everything I need, but I'm bound to forget something.



Considering I'm in tescos so often and I use their green bin for recycling large bundles of plastic bags, I didn't know about it.
ok, so tescos don't mention it on their site, but googling for it gives a guardian article "in the first such scheme" - yeah right. sainsburys used to give me a penny back each time I reused bags, then they stopped doing it.

have to say I'd rather have the penny than the clubcard point. got a few of them to use up as it is (though if nick gets his BSM lessons sorted, that'll be 60 quid of them gone in moments)

I don't think what reward they give matters. It's the fact they're trying to do something about the way we use carrier bags that is the point I think.

For example, I used to get a new bag every morning on the way to work to carry my breakfast in. Then probably another one when I got lunch. And then another one if I bought anything on the way home from work. Although that one potentially gets reused to line the bin in the lounge. Makes far more sense to use the same bag (that I've already got).

1p is the worth of a club card point anyway - when they give the monetary vouchers every quarter. I use them for buying stuff for the house. It's only the vouchers for bonus points that I never get around to using.

It was on the bbc news...
I got my first green point today.

Well I'm glad me posting this has potentially be useful. I know you guys also have a collection of carrier bags stowed away for re-use, so you're certainly primed to take part in this initiative.

Sucks about the telly. Although there'll be a working one on the holiday for you to waste your time with instead :)

U'll be fine- forget the packing- you can always survive without whatever you forget! unless tis housekeys or wallet- remember those! :)

Forget the packing? But I need clothing to wear!