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I don't often post links to news stories, but the headline for this one caught my eye. It's an MP retracting comments he made about how inbreed Norfolk is. It's a shame darklittlefox is away, cos he'd find it really funny.

ION: I like the new barmaid. She's cute. Not too great at learning the prices of stuff though. It'll be interesting to see what the new menu they're going to have is. Looks like they've changed cook.

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I concur, I also like the new barmaid. She's very good at being friendly and chatty. I'm not too bothered about the pricing thing, that's something that comes with practice. :)

Or wearing glasses. She admitted last night that the food board was all blurry. Which given that it's poorly laid out meant she tried charging me burger price for a jacket potatoe. But then last week she charged me half price for a pint of coke, so it varies whether or not she's over or under charging.

Hopefully it doesn't take her too long to learn the new menu. But I guess it don't matter really as she's very pleasing on the eye :D

I had to laugh when I first heard it (People in the Fens and Norfolk are notorious for being the UK's rednecks) and at the same time thought "Uh-oh, this is going to get nasty.".

My housemate darklittlefox is from that way. He's always joking about it, likening it to the Innsmouth of the UK.

*grins* IIRC, there's a fan-written CoC scenario somewhere which features Deep Ones from Norfolk. That, or people have been thinking about it. ;o)