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Despite an underwhelming amount of suggestions about sorting myself out with a new PC, I'm feeling a whole lot more happier about the process. It's still all Swahili to me, but my initial attempt at locating a motherboard (as recommended by that Sharkey Extreme site) has gone well. The model has 2 IDE ports which is perfect. 1 for a CD ROM and the other for my recently aqquired behemoth of a harddrive.

Now I just need to find some time to sit down and draw up the rest of the shopping list, cost it all up and see if I can afford to splash out or not.

ION It's pub night!! woohoo!!!



If I recall correctly, a single IDE port can support 2 devices on it, so you could actually have 4 IDE devices with your motherboard (3 HDDs (RAID?) + optical drive?).

And you might want to have a look at Komplett.co.uk for hardware bits and bobs...they seem pretty good, though I've only bought from them once.

Hope this is of some help, and if you have any questions about other things, I'd be more than happy to *try* to answer them :)

Hopefully I've only got 1 IDE drive that I need. I might plug in any other IDE drives I've got for a short while to copy stuff off, but I'm going to primarily use SATA (which is also on the motherboard) since that seems to be the way forward.

I'm going to post my shopping list shortly to see if anyone has any comments on it. And then comes the fun job of working out whether or not I order it now or after my holiday. Suspect after might be more sensible.