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It seems like so many years have passed since I last saw Sin City in the cinema. But I rectified that by watching my copy on DVD at last. It's still as good as I remember, if not better. Nothing can keep you down with a movie like that. Sexy violence that'll put a smile on your face for days. It's only a shame it's over. Maybe we'll be lucky and there will be a sequel or two one day?

( The only niggle I have - the DVD menu doesn't seemlessly loop continously. *pouts*)

One thing I learnt tonight is that Frank Miller was in the film. He's the priest (the lowly ordinary one rather than Cardinal played by Rutger Hauer). And that he wrote the screenplays for Robocop 2 and 3 - another 2 of my most favourite movies ever. Especially 3 which is a real tear jerker.

And that Quentin had his fingers in the directing too. *OMGS*



Sin City 2 is scheduled for release next year. There's a little bit of blurb about it in Empire this month.

Woohoo!!! *skips about with joy*

Never seen the film, I am still watching classics from the 1960's currently or eariler.