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Oh dear...I've just succumbed to the biggest evil known to man. eBay. I just bought something off it. And worse, I had to use paypal to do it (they're evil too and sell your email addresses to spammers). I feel dirty :(

But on the plus side I should have a barcode reader on it's way to me within the next few days :)


No saving you now mate, you fallen too far into the darkness for us to help you.


go on then. show it to nick. you know he wants one, don't you

Already have done. He's letting me be a guinea pig after the last doomed attempt by someone here to buy a USB barcode scanner. Mine costs slightly more, so he wants to be sure before he wants money on it.

what are you using the barcode reader for?
status: curious

Well...I have a vast collection of DVDs that I want to catalogue and it'd be really quick to do if I just scan in their barcodes and let Amazon fill in the blanks. And then there is my book and CD collection too.

Plus of course it'd make adding books to the IFIS library quicker. And I could go back and see if those books we couldn't find ISBN for, have barcodes instead. There's a couple of hundred books that need checking.