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Wow. I feel so *poing* today. I dragged myself out to the cinema last night and as always it's put me in a really good mood. I saw The Lake House. Hmmm....Sandra Bullock. I quite liked it. It's about a woman who moves out of a lake house and leaves the next occupant a note to forward on her mail. Except somehow the house's mailbox is occupying two points in time - the present and two years in the past. And the previous occupant gets the note instead. They start writing to each other, fall in love and cause all kinds of temporal paradoxes.

I also saw Fearless. Kinda bit of a counterpoint to the previous one I guess :) It's a historical recount of a martial artist who took part in a fight that gave China hope and respect in itself when it was being overrun by foreign devils. The fight scenes were great - lots of bone crunching noises and scenes of people having bits of themselves broken quite visibly. A good example is where someone gets punched so hard that their shoulderblade is shattered o_O

The cinema was practically empty which I find surprising. It's got A/C. I'd have thought it'd be a good place to spend an evening. The two films had at most 10 people in each although amussingly the first was mostly women and the second men.

I got the same cute chatty girl serving me icecream as last time I went I think. I really should make some effort to remember their names so I can recognise them the next time(s).