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*sigh*. This diet isn't working out at all. I don't have the energy to cook when I get home and the nearby shops don't sell any of the free ready meals. Lunchtimes at work are a nightmare as the canteen doesn't serve anything without sins and their food isn't good enough to waste sins on. We've been told not to use the microwave as it stinks out the office, so I'm left with only raw food which is sandwiches and I can only manage 2.

I guess at least I'll lose weight next week, but being constantly hungry, is not my idea of fun.


Try pasta salad - when working in the old office, it was a favoured packed lunch, as it's nice and filling and toothsome. Pasta only takes ten minutes to cook (not much longer to prepare than a sandwich), can be mixed in with healthy things like tuna and apple or suchlike, and is delicious even when cold, so it doesn't need microwaving. You could even make up a big batch of a couple of days' worth and keep it in the fridge, doling it out as necessary.

That's what I think, anyway. ^_^

I've tried pasta - it didn't work. Tasted foul and slimey when cold and even after several nukings still wasn't hot all the way through. I also rarely have 10 minutes to make lunch in the morning - I can do sandwiches usually in about 2 or 3 minutes.

It could just have been what I had on the pasta of course, but not being a whizz in the kitchen means I'm limited in what I can produce.

How about soup for work? Then you just need a kettle, and water obviously. And you can get low calorie ones, but try different flavours because some are icky!
And for evenings stir fry is quick, it's mostly vegetables, you can do it with or without meat, with rice or noodles, and you don't need much oil if you have a good pan/wok. I don't know about sauces though, what's in black bean sauce? Or at weekends you could cook things like tomato pasta sauce in vast quantities and fridge/freeze it for the rest of the week.

Soup might work if I can find some that is "allowed". Tesco's don't have any soups, at least of their own brand that are sin-free. I might just bring in loads of cans of spag bol and a HUGE bowl to cook it in (only have microwave) as I'm allowed lots of that.