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Phew. That was one busy weekend. Certainly the first in a long time. So much so, that I think I'm going to have to lj-cut most of it.

Friday was an impromptu, one off, (not) modern mystics game set in the 1910s. I got to play a dashing Captain of his Majesties Army. Didn't really get time to achieve any of my goals - the game was a tad short - but I did get to have lots of fun. The best bit which everyone will no doubt agree on will be my fight against a hydra. I'd armed myself with a vorpal blade and after discovering that the half-dozen snake heads that had burst through the floor were in fact all part of a hydra, I decided the best tactic was to go and have at the central body.

Since I also "remembered" that cauterising the neck stumps would stop them regrowing, I armed myself with a molotov cocktail (Which I then taught to Molotov some years later? :) and then plunged the vorpal blade into the one of the necks and slide down to the body. A tactic so mighty that darklittlefox didn't even make me test for it. Unluckily once down at the base of the necks, my ability to roll dice went to hell and I barely scratched it. So I gave up and scarpered. Which was the right moment as the gas pipes had been ruptured and my discarded molotov cocktail blew the building up, hurling my out with minor burns.

Then we played a new cheapass game I've not seen before whose name has escaped me. Something like "Bitin' Heads Off" or something. You play a bored dinosaur racing around an island in order to be the first one to jump in the volcano. In order to make the race more interesting, you can bite the head off your opponents, barge them off cliffs or into mud pitts or throw rocks at them. It's all jolly good fun. By some careful head biting and a lot of luck, I managed to win my first game.

Saturday I started off by doing something silly. Or maybe insane. I've decided that the way I wrote the database for the IFIS Library doesn't quite work as it doesn't really keep track of individual books, just titles. So I spent a lot of the morning doing that and catching up on TV.

Then I braved the afternoon heat and went shopping. I love shopping. I got lots of cool things. It was far too hot though, but I had sense and bought some water to help keep myself hydrated. It was so hot it felt like my shoes were going to melt. Luckily they didn't.

After that there was a very relaxed and chilled BBQ at HoP. Lots of dead animal were cooked and eaten. [Bad username: lucifer_mourning] showed us how to make smores(sp?). Which are molten/toasted marshmallow squidged inbetween two biscuits with some chocolate. Very odd but tasty.

Sunday was also hot. I spent the morning working on the database redesigned some more. I think it might actually work, although I will have to redesign the whole user interface too I think. Then I pootled over to HoP for the final Unknown Armies game. Bumped into cryx on the way which gave us the chance to chat. She also let me try some of her Coke Zero which is surprisingly tasty. It tastes almost like normal coke - certainly not all chemically like diet coke normally tastes like. Also got to try B&J's Fossil Fuel which is very yummy. And has chocolate dinosaurs in it!!!

The last Unknown Armies game was great fun. Started off with a headache, so just lay on the floor feeling sorry for myself. I attempted to remote view [Bad username: lucifer_mourning]'s PC's girlfriend, but it didn't work. That sparked a conversation about what would happen if I tried to remote view someone who was dead. Thankfully we decided against experimenting, although as we found out later, I'd already discovered what happens.

After that it all got very hectic. nuuki showed up and this time I didn't get the chance to hide in the kitchen. He apparently had some information on the missing person I was looking for. But apart from saying she was OK he didn't offer anything else - clearly he was holding stuff back. Then some thugs burst in with guns and steel pipes. The steel pipes burst into flames, so half of us scarped leaving the others to die horribly.

Somehow they managed to survive and we met up some time later to come up with the crazy-insane plan of doom to go in and rescue the remaining one of cryx's clones. They had me climb up the side of the hotel she was a prisoner in, cut through the bars and then help her climb down. It was doomed to failure as we were spotted and more thugs came out and started chasing us down.

Unfortunately for me, they caught up and the clone made good her escape. They opened up a large can of whoop-ass on me. Even the BigBad was having a go. Luckily I was surprisingly good at dodging, so managed to survive a fair while. But eventually, my luck ran out and one of the thugs managed to rugby tackle to the ground, whilst the BigBad went and got a paving slab to smash my head in with. He almost managed it too, but thankfully someone finally managed to kill him which meant the thug went nuts and let me go. Ample time to give out some payback with a few (feeble) kicks in the head.

We vegged out afterwards and eventually managed to regain enough energy to fire up the BBQ again to finish off the dead animal that managed to escape the day before. And have more smores too, obviously.

ION: Got an actual final bill from Scottish Power this morning. It seems my guess as to how much they'd overcharged me for the gas was correct. Unfortunately I'd failed to take into account the fact they were charging me a small fortune just for the privilige of them providing me gas. So the standing charge knocked out 25% of what I was expecting to get. Which sucks. Still, the horror is over now. My new supplier doesn't have a stupid standing charge.

Tags: geekery, rpg, scottish power are shit, shopping
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