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Someone just learnt that touching live power cables is a Bad Thing(tm). Think he was repairing the street lights. He's managed to take out a large chunk of the power in the area. Means I get to sit around here, twiddling my toes and listening to the dulcit tones of a dozen UPS screaming about the lack of power.


EDIT: Everything is back to normal. Hurrah. And amusingly I was the only person not to wuss out and shut their machine down :)
Don't think it was down for more than an hour.


Yeah, but its sheltered accomodation, not industrial. We don't even have aircon (which is why I was nearly postrate with the heat last week). So WTF should it need more power than a home... hell it is a home, just with a few tacky communal bits, tiny part-time hairdresser and a tiny office for the "management"

Hmmm... interesting thought though. {goes away to ponder power provision for different users }

Oh yeah, I suspect it was just a coincidence and you're not on the same power lines. I was just talking about businesses in general. Doubt it includes most of the shops on the high street either. Although apparently there 1200 businesses affected by the outage, so maybe it does.