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Blergh. Got virtually no sleep last night. Tis my own fault for being a powercrazed coder with designs on conquering the world. Stayed up late demoing the Runnymede site with Richard to one of the national webteam guys and it looks like he's interested in utilitising my code. Soon all of CamUK will be in my power! Muahahahaha.

Unfortunately, getting no sleep meant that I woke up late and didn't have time to prepare lunch. So now I'm at work, with no lunch and no alternatives. The canteen is serving it's daily choice of fatty fish, fatty meat or fatty veggies so it looks like lunch is going to be an apple and lots and lots of willpower.


There is no point starving yourself, cos you'll feel all poo and your body will go into 'help! i'm starving! mode' which make you crave sugars, and you body will desperatly lay down fat to keep you going over your starvation. Just try and pick the best option, and buy muller yogurt (i seem to remember you said they sold them), maybe go for a plate of various veg.. Drink loads of water so you feel more full also.

Well I'm avoiding the yogurts cos they're the only thing I did differently last week. That and they're 65p each. In the end I had a plate of swede and potatoes, which knowing how they normally cook things around here were deep fat fried or something.

The canteen staff are being exceptionally patronising about the "healthy eating", which I find odd and amusing since they don't seem to notice that I'm avoiding what they cook. Maybe they realise just how unhealthy their cooking is.