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Google is god

Or maybe that should be "good"? Either actually works.

I was exploring various search engines to see how easy it was to find IFIS and some are appallingly out of date. I noticed a few months back that the home page failed to mention what the society was actually about, so I fixed it. Google being awesome and great, soon picked up the new content and assuming if anyone did want to find a sci-fi society at RHUL</acronym>, they'd find IFIS pretty easily. Some other search engines though are over 6 months out of date with their cached data and yet they've spidered the site several times over that period. Very poor.

What are they doing with their new data? There's no point them spidering a site again if they've not done anything with the last load of data. All they're doing is adding yet more stuff to an ever growing list of data to process. Or worse, they're removing the earlier data from the queue when they add the new stuff. Either way they'd never ever get around to catching up.

Hmmm...writing this entry has given me a really cool idea. I could really do with an LJ posting tool that auto-adds in links and sorts out abbrievations and acronyms and stuff. Or maybe it could be part of the style that my LJ is displayed in? That's probably trickier/impossible. Something to play with tonight I think :)

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