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Yesterday was pretty much a non-event. I spent it sat either in front of the TV feeling unwell or asleep. Although thankfully I found a box of Lemsips and they seemed to be doing their thing quite well. Having the Toppy is damned useful in this kind of situation. There was nothing but crap on telly, so I managed to catch up on CSI* and various other things I'd told it to record.

Today I'm feeling fuzzy and I'm in work. Despite having slept lots, I feel like I should be asleep still. Well it'll be a quiet week socially now that term has finished, so I should be able to get to bed at some sensible hours :)

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Get Well Soon!!!! HUGS!!! xx drink wine eat chocolate-both good cures for that sort of thing...

Wine (or booze in general) probably isn't a good idea - it tends to make me sleepy and I'm sleepy enough as it is.

true, but sleep good when unwell, because when wake up, feel better
oh yeah, how was Eastwick the other day? Was it fun? ;)

We had a good turn out for the film. Pub afterwards...less so.