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Well despite a really poor start (Everyone was at least 45 minutes late *sulk*), I think the mage game went well. Unfortunately we ran out of time, so the bit of plot I was running never got resolved. Always the problem of having a room on campus - we can't book it for long enough.

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*pokes* bored.. entertain me!

*ponders* Um...how about this...

*juggles some mayo-covered wombats*

Best I can do at such short notice I'm afraid?

oooh shiney...
I call that I had a good excuse

I also was told that time in was 7

It was at 7...but that doesn't mean you turn up dead on 7. That means you're meant to be there, paid up and ready to go at 7. Which would mean having resolved any pre-game stuff too. But you did have an excuse.

If I'd known people weren't turning up 'til 6.45 - I'd have not hurried to get there for 6 and then have to wait 45 minutes *pouts*