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I wonder how many folk are pondering us changing pub after last night? Dear gods that child was obnoxious. Shame we couldn't throw him onto the roof after his nerf rocket. I think I'm going to lurk inside next week if he's outside - it's probably a lot safer for my sanity that way.

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I think I will be hiding with you.
In any situation involving a small child, a toy which can be launched into the air and a high roof, the probability of the toy ending up on the roof is equal to 100%.
he had his good points. he did share his toys with the boys and showed them how to skateboard. A bit rough around the edges and probably needed a bit more supervision.

Last time we came to the pub he was in the bedroom getting ready for bed. I think he was only allowed up because of the footie. I suspect on the whole you'll be ok unless England play Thursday again or it's school holidays

He got a lot worse after you guys left. He was firing his nerf rocket at peoples' faces, punching, kicking and headbutting people. He even randomly decided to insist that xwingredleader was stupid, although I think that was due to being coached by a couple of troublemakers.

Yes it was the way he lacked respect to some of the adults/furniture that I didn't want the boys to copy.

However all children behave worse the later they stay up. Kathryn was getting there when we got back, but we are stricter.
No coaching was required for him to call Phill stupid.
Incidentally, Lou kept offering to take the small person away and everyone kept going 'No, he's fine'. Although saying 'Aaaaagh! Your child is a demon' might have been a bit hard :)

Really? Can't have been everyone cos certainly everyone I was chatting with wanted to fling the child up onto the roof after his rocket. I know if she'd asked me, I'd have said it was time to take him away.

He stopped firing the rocket at people when I asked him to.
He stopped looking up Beth's skirt when I asked him to.
Calling Phill stupid was possibly because he had figured out who threw his rocket so high up in the bushes that a chair and long umbrella were required to get it back.
He was a 5 year old. Nothing so wrong with that.