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I'm not sure if I should be sleepy or bouncing off the ceiling. Got called up by work at 5am for an hour or so cos of an issue. Overslept. Have since drank a can of redbull. I have a second can of redbull for when I eventually crash and burn. Or hopefully I'll be able to drink it before that happens and keep going until it's time to go home.

Pub was "odd" last night. Birthday of one of the staff, so the landlady decided to horribly embaress her with everyone singing. But after that the jukebox got hijacked with the "50 Greatest Patriotic Songs Ever!" which the "locals" sang along to. Luckily we were safe out in the garden.

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Re: How cool you have a job that needs you

I wouldn't say I was needed as such. I'm just the guy that is on this week for after hours support. Next week it'll be someone else getting woken up at stupid hours of the night.

Not that they really should need to call us up, but there is such a high turn over cos of it being all shift work, that there's often lots of newbies who don't know what is what yet.