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I'm not sure if I should be sleepy or bouncing off the ceiling. Got called up by work at 5am for an hour or so cos of an issue. Overslept. Have since drank a can of redbull. I have a second can of redbull for when I eventually crash and burn. Or hopefully I'll be able to drink it before that happens and keep going until it's time to go home.

Pub was "odd" last night. Birthday of one of the staff, so the landlady decided to horribly embaress her with everyone singing. But after that the jukebox got hijacked with the "50 Greatest Patriotic Songs Ever!" which the "locals" sang along to. Luckily we were safe out in the garden.

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How cool you have a job that needs you

Wow, you've got a job that will call you at 5am to fix problems. Means your needed. Ive just got a company that does not listen or think that problems get solved (or know their own practices).

Case in point. The shop I work in discourages customer service as it affects the number of sales that the tills can put through (builds up queues) whilst at the same time reporting critisms from head office who get complaints about no customer service.

We cant pick up phones as that means we cant serve customers. I got one call which I picked up, from someone who was calling all day for a shirt, went via head office as no-one was picking up the shop found. I broke the rules (amazed I did not get a management warning for leaving the till) to find his shirt and put it on the reserved pile.

Told the others on the tills and the manager that it was on the reserved pile, had his name on it. The manager was storming by yelling at people over queue lengths, queues were building as we were out of change as she yelled an hour ago about people requesting change as they were nearly out and not being able to finish transactions, as she was not wanting the radios to be used for putting through petty change requests. She then yelled face to face at two cashiers for not radioing they were out of change. We could not leave the tills (even when other cashiers are their as thats a disiplinary issue) so we could not go over and say we needed change witout the radios.

Anyhow some 3 hours later after it shut I heard the same manager say she had made a "new friend" and that she had better watch out or she might get poisened. Basically the customer who had gone through head office had got to the till had been passed to her and she in her ususual speaking manner screamed at the customer that items cant be reserved. I assume whilst it was about a foot from her on the rail marked "for collection" to which he pointed out that he had had assurances from head office that it was ready for collection had travelled 50 miles to collect it and that head office had said it was in, and that he had spent all day before then trying to get through to the store. The customer went back to complain to head office, who will then complain to the managers about the lack of customer service. Its like I sort something out and then the managers cant cope (well 2 i particular, one knows the score and how stupid the system is). Yet again that manager showed her unique customer skills, screaming at them like she does to staff. The shop however hits its sales targets so they still get their bonuses.

Re: How cool you have a job that needs you

I wouldn't say I was needed as such. I'm just the guy that is on this week for after hours support. Next week it'll be someone else getting woken up at stupid hours of the night.

Not that they really should need to call us up, but there is such a high turn over cos of it being all shift work, that there's often lots of newbies who don't know what is what yet.