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I'm surprised darklittlefox has retained any sanity at all after running his Fighting Fantasy game for us for as long as he had. We had much fun playing with strange potions and scareing the entire town with the sights and sounds of a nekkid ogre spinning high up in the air. Ended up dropping in him the sea sharpish before someone was ill...plus it probably dealt with the smell too.

I'm definitely glad I swapped energy providers. The new one are fab. They sent someone around to check the meters. He's made a note that the gas one is outside and has said that even if no-one is in, they'll check it.

Scottish Power are still retards. They sent me the final gas bill recently, but they'd estimated the last reading. Which was still 2000+ units out. So I phoned them up to give them hassle. They'd ignored the reading the new company had given them - probably cos they'd estimated it - so I had to phone them up to make sure they sent the right reading. I somehow suspect they're not going to accept that value either.


Re: Snap (1)

Miss read yours and thought you were talking electric not gas.
We may well end up with the same problem with Gas though.

We are expecting NPower to send us an inflated bill based on Powergens estimates and what we paid starting from Powergens over estimates. So although they should give us a new reading based on our reading (in effect a refund). Based on your experience they might not.

The Utility company directors have been giving themselves bonuses for the reduction in readers, sending people out to take readings cost money and so is not compatable with the utility companies business plans. So they prefer estimates.

They seem to be planning self readings for everyone in the future, yet from my experience they rarely believe the self readings, don't know how they will cope with that.