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I'm surprised darklittlefox has retained any sanity at all after running his Fighting Fantasy game for us for as long as he had. We had much fun playing with strange potions and scareing the entire town with the sights and sounds of a nekkid ogre spinning high up in the air. Ended up dropping in him the sea sharpish before someone was ill...plus it probably dealt with the smell too.

I'm definitely glad I swapped energy providers. The new one are fab. They sent someone around to check the meters. He's made a note that the gas one is outside and has said that even if no-one is in, they'll check it.

Scottish Power are still retards. They sent me the final gas bill recently, but they'd estimated the last reading. Which was still 2000+ units out. So I phoned them up to give them hassle. They'd ignored the reading the new company had given them - probably cos they'd estimated it - so I had to phone them up to make sure they sent the right reading. I somehow suspect they're not going to accept that value either.


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I checked that we would not be liable, as in if we paid it to Powergen, that NPower would not say, "they were supplying more than that" and charge us again telling us to reclaim from Powergen. The legal side is that NPower and Powergen has both agreed that Meter reading change point, and though NPower was supplying from Feb what we paid to Powergen they cant change it, as they cant change the readings from a non-tampered meter, so its there loss as they agreed that reading was the start point (as opposed to an actual date). So When eventually we get a bill showing a reading the only way I can get my money back is to tell NPower the readings wrong (they would estimate it from the start point of Feburary satrting us on what we used until June. It does not matter how little we used as from a legal point of view we could have just had everything shut of causing the tiny amount as they cant check how much they supplied. (the meters show the amount the customer recieves, they do not have meters showing how much they send to each customer). Then my housemate can reduce her direct debit, keep charging everyone in the house the same amount as I paid for that usage from February till June in advance give me the difference. Then when the next reading comes her direct debit will go up again as it will be on electric used and I would hopefully have got what I paid in advance back (and given the price increases maybe at a lower rate) and then continues collecting the same amount this time paying for the electricty we use through NPower.

If you have any problems contact Ofgem and the CAB. There are lots of cases like this. Power companies like other utility companies generally have yet to employ directors with the ability to run a hot chestnut stall.