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So...yet another weekend has gone by. Friday was the local Requiem game. Yet another new Prince. Imagine he won't last more than a couple of months before someone with some real clout comes along and smacks him down. It did give me a chance to show off my new polar bear form though.

Saturday, gmplatypus came over to continue her much needed movie education and we watched Total Recall and Batman. Which has given me the idea to show her The Witches of Eastwick at some point. Afterwards I watched Doctor Who - at last an episode that isn't set on Earth. Cthulhu fans will definitely like this one. Then I had a nap before coming in to work for 2am to do important maintainance. Completely wrecked my sleep patterns though as I got up at 8 to go watch X-Men 3 with folk.

After that I bimbled over to HoP for the Unknown Armies game which was mostly fun. Got to be useful for a change, but then an evil person I don't want to meet showed up so I ended up hiding in the kitchen for a fair chunk of the game.

Very sleepy this morning. Might have to get some more redbull to keep myself functioning.

Tags: movies, rpg, update

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